hotstuff: (playing god)
Hades ([personal profile] hotstuff) wrote2009-08-03 07:14 am

Second Soul

Heh, I haven't heard of tops blowing off this bad since Vesuvius.

But yeah, that teaching thing I'm supposed to be doing. I'm hoping that you little runts can manage not to maim each other without adult supervision, although as your adult I wouldn't mind supervising this in order to make sure it works so just a friendly reminder that anyone caught causing trouble is getting a very fabulous detention in the dungeons where no one will hear you scream.

[Locked to Rangiku]

Niiiiice work there with the spell, sugar. Didn't realize blondie was a bombshell.

[[If you can read the strikethrough, Hades is going to pretend that you didn't :P]]

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