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Name: Hades Pantheon
Series: Disney's Hercules
Age: Pfff like he's going to tell you that. He looks to be in his mid-forties, but he's actually much, much older. He lies on all applications about this. For this particular application, he went with the well-rounded age of 42.


Hades is a very manipulative man. He loves bargaining, scheming, and turning the tables on people so a situation is in his advantage. He's very much a chessmaster, planning things ahead and making sure that he has pawns in the line of fire. He doesn't often take a direct action towards things, preferring to organize and use people to accomplish the things he wants.

Hades is also incredibly bitter. He's often sarcastic when dealing with people, and his patience and understanding are near nonexistant. He's known for one-liners, and when talking with people rarely gives a direct answer to things.

Also, Hades has a temper. OH does he have a temper. Hades embodies the 'kill the messenger' philosophy of life, and one would hate to be the bearer of bad news in his presence. He is prone to tantrums, and often unleashes his fury on anyone that is nearby. He's also not quick to forgive, and can hold a grudge for an eternally long time.  If you fail him in anyway, he will remember, and make you pay for it.

He's also a fan of the pleasures in life, and enjoys a fine cigar, cocktail, and lemon drops.


Hades is the youngest son of the Pantheon family, a very old, traditional wizarding house that is said to be descended from the Gods themselves. His family consists of himself, his older brothers Zeus and Poseidon, and his parents Rhona and Cronus. Most of his time spent at the Pantheon estate was with Zeus, and the two hardly get along. Well, to be more accurate, Hades holds an intense hatred for Zeus while Zeus remains wonderfully ignorant of the fact.

The bitter, mostly onesided, rivalry between Hades and Zeus began when Hades was at the tender age of ten, when Zeus, home for the summer from Hogwarts, decided that it would be hilarious if Hades's wonderful, full head of hair was replaced by an ever-burning fire, to symbolize his hot-headedness. The curse was strangely effective, and even though Zeus was disciplined by the Ministry, Hades still dealt with years of uncomfortable adolescent teasing, as well as a handful of embarrasing nicknames ("Ashface" was a favorite of the Gryffindors during his school years).

His irritation towards Zeus was only intensified when, upon his graduation and his parents' subsequent deaths, Zeus received the plush, luxurious Olympus castle while he was given the dark, dingy, and incredibly morose Underworld home in the deep south of the country. Hades's already thin temper was snapped in half when Zeus, dimwitted Gryffindor at heart that he was, ruined Hades's dreams of becoming a wizard rockstar by breaking up The Titans, his monstrous band.

Hades swore revenge on his brother, but the Fates seemed to be against him as his multiple attempts to ruin Zeus's career and reputation were thwarted again and again by several bizarre external circumstances. And unfortunately, trying to dismantle a notable and revered wizard's life was strenuous on the funding, and since the Underworld castle hardly produced revenue, Hades was forced to consider alternative careers.

In a last ditch attempt of desperation, Hades applied to become a Professor of Classical Literature at Hogwarts, hoping that his educated upbringing would provide him a chance to create a career and to find a means to bring his brother down once and for all.

Blood: (full, half, muggle-born) Pure blood

Preferred House: Slytherin
Why you think they belong in this house?

At his core, Hades is a schemer. He's manipulative, cunning, and incredibly ambitious. He wants the best of everything, and no price is too small to get it. He has no reservations about exploiting weaknesses, backstabbing, or using underhanded methods. He's also very resourceful, he knows which pawns to move in order to secure a game, and even if something backfires drastically (which it often does), after an initial bout of temper he'll refocus and strategize.

Staff Position: Classics
Why you think they fit this position?

Who better to teach classical literature and mythology than an actual member of the Greek pantheon? Hades would have a very thorough knowledge of all myths and classic literature, being that in canon he's related to a good deal of the heroes and villains. He'd be an interesting professor since he would most definitely have an unorthodox method of teaching, and he won't be afraid to express his very...opinionated views. And Zeus help the poor child that dozes off in his class.



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