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Player Information:

Name or Handle: Nym
LJ: digthenym
AIM/ MSN / Plurk name:  acediatheory @ aim, rockswithewoks@plurk
Any current characters here?:

Steve, Jaina, and Luna

Character Information:

Character Name: Hades
Age: Around 3000. Give or take a century.
Canon: Disney's Hercules

Hades always looks a little blue.


Tall, sapphire and flaming, Hades is definitely not your average looker. With light blue skin, serrated teeth, and bulbous yellow eyes, he's a head-turner in the worse sense of the word. And that's before anyone even sees the living pile of fire that substitutes hair on his scalp. Hades always has either a frown or a smirk on his face, and goes for the dark and smokey effect with his wardrobe choices. Depending on his mood, his hair fluctuates in color and height, normally blue means he's either happy or complacent, but if you see it flickering red or orange you best get the hell on out of there.


Hades is a very manipulative man. He loves bargaining, scheming, and turning the tables on people so a situation is in his advantage. He's very much a chessmaster, planning things ahead and making sure that he has pawns in the line of fire. He doesn't often take a direct action towards things, preferring to organize and use people to accomplish the things he wants. He's the first guy to throw someone under the bus and not think twice about it, something that he does routinely and without any remorse at all.

Hades is also incredibly bitter. Too be blunt, he's often on the 'screwed over' side of things, getting the worst job perks a man could ever ask for while his idiot, thunder headed big brother Zeus gets all the clouds and billowy pillars and hot secretaries and general aura of likeability while he's forced to dwell underground in a pit with skulls that don't really get the punchline to half of his jokes. This bitterness leads to an open disdain on his part. He's often sarcastic when dealing with people, and openly mocking. Pateience and understanding are foreign concepts to Hades, and it doesn't take much to spur a one-liner that will quickly destroy any conversation he's taking part in. His scheming ways also lend themselves quite easily to manipulating people, and Hades is the kind of guy where you want to constantly be on your toes- he doesn't make friends, he makes minions, and he'll utilize the assets of everyone involved until things get nine shades of ugly.

Also, Hades has a temper. OH does he have a temper. Hades embodies the 'kill the messenger' philosophy of life, and one would hate to be the bearer of bad news in his presence. He is prone to tantrums, and often unleashes his fury on anyone that is nearby. He's also not quick to forgive, and can hold a grudge for an eternally long time.  If you fail him in anyway, he will remember, and make you pay for it.  Usually payment isn't a pleasant process, either. Say, for instance, a life long period of indebted servitude. His anger can be quite destructive, and he's not the kind of guy that's going to be sending you an apology note afterwards.

Hades is a smooth talker, he can charm and persuade when necessary. His voice actor James Woods describes playing Hades as 'playing a used cars salesman' and it shows in his reel em and deal em persona. Hades most definitely has the gift of gab when it comes to tools at his disposal, and he'll use them to their fullest extent.

He's also a fan of the pleasures in life, and enjoys a fine cigar, cocktail, and Jolee Bindo.


Badda bing badda boom

Canon point: 
Post movie, after he's fished himself out of the saddest aquarium ever. I've never played him post canon before so I think this will be an interesting thing to expand on. For shits and giggles, I'm also going to include his Kingdom Hearts appearances in this.

Special Abilities:

In canon, Hades is the God of the Underworld or dead. As such, he has quite a lot of power at his disposal. For the most part, I am going to transfer this as just abnormally high Force powers, but there are a few specific things that I wanted to include / adapt:

Immortality: kind of a moot point in this game what with the constant resurrections, but I think that's a pretty important part to Hades' character (and ego)

Fire Manipulation / control: This has a canonical Force counterpart, and in the movies Hades is always manipulating / creating fire to better display his tiffs

Soul Stealing / Selling: This is going to be transferred as particularly strong Force bonds, similar to that of the Exile's. Although while the Exile doesn't want to use this ability for evil, Hades is going to be exploiting the ever loving crap out of it.

Smoke teleportation: Just...awesome Force Stealth abilities 8|


Sith baby


Sith Lord will do nicely


First Person:

[an annoying tap tap tap can be heard followed by a burst of static ]

Hey, this thing on?


Ah, beautiful.

[ the video screen flickers on. A less than normal looking man stares into the feed, grinning like a shark and yes, that is fire on top of his head ]

Gotta say, the living arrangements could use a little fine tuning. Way too drab for a god of the underworld, you know what I'm saying? [ he rolls his eyes ] Who am I kidding, of course you don't. You little mortals get all of it wrong. One minute it's the beard thing, the next I'm kidnapping dates out of the middle of the ground. I mean, c'mon. Look at this face. This really the face of a guy who'd kidnap someone for the pantheon prom so he didn't have to go with his mom like the rest of his extended family? 

Alright, maybe once, but hey, who's keeping score other than that runt Hermes. And that Persephone was a real babe-

-whoops, looks like a little derailment there. Happens from time to time, but don't worry, you'll get used to it. I'm a little teensy tiny bit of a fast talker.

[ Hades smoothes a hand over his fire scalp, it flickers and goes back to it's rightful place ]

So anyway. Mortals. Give the Lord of the Dead a break here and open up whatever cooooooosmic portal you got goin' on. I'm up to my elbows in tax audits and that runt Hercules really did a number on my redecorating project.

[ he folds his arms. waits. ]

Alright, maybe there's a little misunderstanding going on here. Understandable, I tend to converse a lot faster than slow minds can keep up with.

Me? I've got things to do. Big, cosmos restructuring things.

And you? Yeah, you're the schmucks holding me back.

So. I'm going to be the charitable god here and count to three.


[ his hair starts to flicker again ]


[ and goes a faint orange. ]

....Two and a half...

[ darker orange ]

Really now. Last chance here. Two and three fourths...

Third Person:

Here she be!

Anything Else:

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